Team ARC

ARC is a participating charity of the LA BIG 5K and the Charity Challenge half-marathon! Our dedicated staff and volunteers train more than 40 athletes with Developmental Disabilities to complete the LA Big 5K and a team to participate in the 13.1 mile half-marathon Charity Challenge.

Throughout the year, ARC continues its endurance training by participating in the Special Olympics as well as numerous other community-based 5Ks such as the Justice Jog, the Conor Lynch 5K, and the Buddy Walk with the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles.

Meet 2021's Charity Challenge Team!

This year’s 13.1 mile race is on November 7, 2021!

Rafael Adame

Rafael is an original member of Team ARC’s marathon team that was formed over 10 years ago. In that span Rafael has participated and finished ten consecutive LA marathons! When Rafael finished 2018’s LA marathon he received three medals- the LA Marathon medal, the LA Loyal gold medal, and the “Double Play” medal for finishing the LA Big 5K the day before. Rafael’s success is thanks to his hard work, perseverance, and the guidance and training of the dedicated staff and coaches at ARC. Your donation will support Rafael’s endeavors!

This year, Rafael will be running the 13.1 mile race with Day Program Coordinator, Andrea!

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Melinda Rivas

Melinda is a resident of ARC where she is developing independent living skills. Melinda is a dedicated athlete and the fastest woman at ARC. In 2018, Melinda won four gold medals in track and field on top of running the LA Big 5K, and clocking in her fastest marathon time of 6 hours 12 minutes! Living at ARC, Melinda is learning to shop for herself, cook healthy meals, and enjoys attending community events.

This year, Melinda is running the 13.1 mile race with her long-time running coach- Day Program staff member, Lisette!

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Tim Sathre

Tim is an original member of Team ARC’s marathon team that was formed eleven years ago. In 2018, Tim received a special gold “LA Loyal” medal for completing ten consecutive LA marathons! Tim is always ready to run and understands the meaning of hard work. Tim is Team ARC’s record holder for the fastest marathon time (5 hrs 42 min) in 2017. Tim is also a resident of ARC where he and other roommates with developmental disabilities learn to increase their independent living skills. Through the support of ARC staff members and coaches, Tim has the opportunities and environment to reach his full potential.

This year, Tim will be running the 13.1 mile race with the Assistant Manager of Residential Services, Lucy!

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Andrea Marroquin

Andrea started as a volunteer at ARC, then became a Day Program teacher, and eventually worked with the ladies in the Residential program. After some time away, Andrea returned to ARC as our Day Program Coordinator and launched our Remote Programming!

This November, Andrea will be running the 13.1 mile race with ARC client, Rafael!

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Lisette Saucedo

Lisette has been pivotal in the promotion of health and wellness at ARC. She has provided countless hours training, a variety of fitness and cooking classes, and has been part of the marathon team for a number of years.

This year, Lisette will be running the 13.1 mile race with her long-time running partner, Melinda!

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Lucy Ledesma

For the past few years, Lucy has been an important part of health and wellness at ARC. She managed the Saturday Camp program, took part in 5k events, and was even a Special Olympics coach for basketball! During marathons, Lucy would drive to various checkpoints throughout the race to assess ARC runners and make sure they were hydrated and safe to continue. This year, Lucy herself will be running the Charity Challenge!

Lucy will be teaming up with ARC client Tim Sathre for the 13.1 mile race in November!

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