ARC programs are designed to promote therapeutic recreation, education, socialization, and help individuals with developmental disabilities to break the cycle of isolation.

Clients served by ARC are encouraged to build lasting friendships, explore recreational interests and hobbies.

We develop life and independent living skills, and become active and healthy members of their community.

Adult Day Program

Adult Day Activity Program at the ARC Center builds upon the Saturday Camp and provides a daily schedule of activities and opportunities five days a week. Each day (Monday through Friday), individuals with developmental disabilities gain access to continuing education, independent living skills, art, music, cooking classes, and other activities tailored to meet the goals and abilities of each individual. ARC also volunteers at senior centers as part of their community service which helps build self-esteem and confidence. Field trips are conducted to various community based events which gives access to cultural experiences and the ability to develop new hobbies and interests.

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Adaptive Living Service

Adaptive Living Services are provided to tenants who live at one of ARC’s residences. ARC tenants gain the opportunity to live on their own with assistance and guidance from the ARC staff. Progress and goals are established to meet the ability of each ARC client. This includes teaching the importance of money management, menu planning, shopping, laundry, banking, personal grooming and care, safety, and cooperation with roommate and their neighbors. ARC tenants are guided by an on-site staff member and other resources around the clock to assist those in our care as needed.

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Saturday Camp

Saturday Camp is the original program of ARC that provides therapeutic recreation and socialization for individuals with disabilities age 16 and above and their families. Each Saturday, ARC members are encouraged to enhance peer relationships by participating in recreational activities (swimming, choir training, basketball, games, etc.) as well as field trips to cultural events and other community based outings. Staff work with clients on socialization, access to community resources, nutrition and physical fitness as well as assist with integration into the community.

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Bell & Chime Choirs

ARC Hand Bell and Chime Choirs provide a community service and outreach by conducting inspirational performances at numerous community events throughout the year. The choirs also serve as an opportunity for ARC members to explore and develop artistic expression, gain confidence and self-esteem and be contributing members of the community.

If you would like one of the choirs to play at your next event call (818) 762-4365 or send an email to

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Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness has become an integral part of program services with a focus on the long-term health and well-being for our members. Prior to the start of the Adult Day Activity Program and at the end of each day, ARC clients have a choice of physical activities such as stationary bikes, treadmills, fitness machines, weight training, and aerobics, basketball, among others. The overall Health and Wellness Program is designed to promote a quality of healthy living, improved self-care, and nutrition to create healthy habits. As part of Health and Wellness activities, ARC participates in community 5K walks including the Los Angeles Marathon and the Big 5K at Dodger Stadium.

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